The Toronto School of Ballet Inc offers dance classes and training programs for ages 3 and over. 

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Toronto School of Ballet Inc.
Dance Classes

Classical Ballet:

The basis for developing strong technique in any dance form, Ballet provide dancers with a strong foundation in classical training, discipline, grace and technique.

Our Ballet program combines both non-syllabus and syllabus training, with the opportunity to train in the American Ballet Theatre National Training Curriculum and the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus.


Admission to Pointe training is at the discretion of the Artistic Director. There are a variety of factors which determine a dancers readiness for pointe work and it is the goal of

the Toronto School of Ballet to ensure safe, appropriate, training.

Pre-Ballet/Creative Movement:

Our Pre-Ballet and Creative Movement programs provide young dancers ages 3+ with the opportunity to explore dance and movement while developing rhythm, musicality and creativity skills.

This program provides the foundation for young dancers

to move into any style of dance as they get older.


This style allows the dancer an opportunity to develop a kinaesthetic connection

by exploring movement which allows for an expressive outlet. Contemporary often uses dance as a medium to raise awareness and communicate ideas and feelings about various social causes or concerns.


Technique developed in jazz classes may include the development of turns, jumps and leaps. Jazz dance can draw on various styles and may include elements of

contemporary, street jazz, Broadway or lyrical movements.